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Church & School Phone System Solutions

Many churches struggled during the pandemic, with their congregations having to stay home, many had to quickly embrace aspects of technology they had previously not been familiar or comfortable with.  T...


How does VoIP work?

For companies that constantly use the phone to communicate with clients or employees, having an outdated telephone system is not ideal. Firstly, telephone bills can be quite expensive, especially when your c...


How to stay protected and compliant – Cyber Liability Insurance

When it comes to cyber insurance, it’s all about reducing your risk, but the insurance companies have a stake as well. Cyber insurance providers need to limit their own liability as much as possible to re...


Dental Office Phone Systems

DataComm Plus is a full service provider that has multiple phone and network solution offerings so we can help as a trusted resource to bring your organization with a technology solution and imperative safety f...


Phasing out Analog Phone Lines

Datacomm Plus specializes in IP / network infrastructure, voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems, and cloud / Internet based applications. We do not specialize in analog (POTS) telephone lines that are normally...


Datacomm Plus Value Proposition

DataComm continually takes a magnifying glass to ourselves as an organization, to figure just exactly what makes us different from our competitors. All of the items in the grid above differentiate us from so ma...


Business Phone System Mobility – There is an APP for that!

Have you ever needed to transfer a call from your cell phone back to the office? Instead, you had to tell the person to hang up, call back your company’s main line and ask for someone in accounting?  Have ...


On Premise Phone System Requirements

DataComm knows that it’s intimidating to switch technology. Many of our long-term clients previously had on-premise phone systems. This meant the “brains” were onsite and hosted with them. Most phone systems to...


Let Us handle Your IT & Networking Needs

We know that not every company can have a Chief Information Officer available to help provide insights and expert advice on IT, helping to make the most sense out of technology and how it should be benefitting ...