Phasing out Analog Phone Lines

Datacomm Plus specializes in IP / network infrastructure, voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems, and cloud / Internet based applications. We do not specialize in analog (POTS) telephone lines that are normally used with items such as elevators, alarm systems, fax machines, credit card readers and postage meters. These analog lines are on old and soon-to-be obsolete infrastructure from the large providers of the world and they are phasing them out. 

We have a team of experienced  technicians and engineers that can assist you with “remote hands” type tasks in coordination with your connected equipment providers, but, regardless these are some things you should consider regarding infrastructure systems:

Before the project begins

Engage with the companies responsible for your infrastructure systems ahead of time to avoid surprises. This can include, fire/burglar alarms, monitoring for machinery/equipment, HVAC systems, elevators, credit card / check readers, copy or multi-use machines and anything else you do not directly control in your facility.

  • Ask for details about dependency on analog phone lines / numbers or specific network requirements. 
  • Gather an inventory of specifics such as phone numbers, static IP addresses, port forwarding rules, device MAC addresses, etc.
  • Determine the best way to contact support and the availability of technical personnel during your network / VOIP install date
  • Ask about alternatives to analog phone lines, such as Cellular/LTE/4G/5G, radio or other types of connectivity

During the project

  • Be prepared to provide detailed information about these systems to us during your scope / on boarding / project planning phase.
  • Make arrangements to implement any additional services you need such as standalone POTS lines for devices that require it.
  • Know the process for the above  updates on these infrastructure systems when your new phone/network equipment is installed.
  • Be prepared to do any testing necessary on that equipment after your new systems are installed.

Datacomm Plus will work with your team to aid in this process to the extent of our ability, please feel free to reach out to your project manager with any questions or to start conversations, please contact or 262-784-2311