Business Phone System Mobility – There is an APP for that!

Have you ever needed to transfer a call from your cell phone back to the office? Instead, you had to tell the person to hang up, call back your company’s main line and ask for someone in accounting? 

Have you ever wanted to call a client from your cell phone, but wanted it to show up as your main office number on the caller ID? Instead, that one very particular client is calling your cell phone at all hours of the day and weekends!

Did you need to work from home last minute due to a sick child or inclement weather? Instead, you had to use a PTO day because you didn’t have the flexibility to answer calls where you were.

Or maybe you’re just tired of always carrying around and handling multiple devices to communicate? 

If this is you, then a mobile application on your iPhone or Android device is what your business needs to assist with giving employees the ability to make, receive and transfer calls directly from their cell phone as if they were in the office. The app uses the cell phone’s data or the WIFI the phone is in to operate. It doesn’t use the cell phone’s minutes and you can always tell the difference of when someone is calling your actual cell phone number versus your extension on the app.

By providing this feature through your business phone system, you allow your employees the flexibility to work anywhere. Your talent pool gets bigger (you can hire from anywhere!) and you offer them a better work-life balance. It also provides your business the ability to run reports and track employee productivity which you’d never be able to do on cell phones that cannot track that data. Instead, their “extension” is on the mobile app on their cell phones which allows full integration and reporting, just like the rest of your phone system at the office.

Also, if an employee were to leave for some reason, you are able to prevent future logins to the application from the administrative side and keep your customers safe with your organization instead of being poached by past employees that left to go to a competitor and kept their cell phone number that “everyone knew to call.”

At DataComm Plus, we assist our existing and future clients with tools like smartphone mobile applications. Yes, there is a lot of noise out there about new technology tools that can seemingly make you and your colleagues more productive, however, there are some tools out there that can also be a time suck and leave you less productive. 

We are here to help cut through that noise and assist with actual productivity tools like mobile applications for your business phone system. That way on your cell phone, with the mobile app, you could answer calls while walking around the office, warehouse, your house or at the Kwik Trip while you’re getting gas. The possibilities are endless!

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