Are You Experiencing CovIT?

Everyone’s been talking about it, but no one knows exactly what to call it … your business is trying to jump light speeds ahead with its technology in certain aspects, but the existing setup is bogging things down.

The Wall Street Journal covered a topic related to the frustrations of personal tech vs. business tech and how sometimes business technology can just seem more cumbersome then your relationship with technology in your personal life. The article also coined the term that many businesses are now experiencing – “CovIT.” 

…but many have now ended up with what we call CovIT: a mishmash of modern solutions and legacy tech that is tied to old ways of working. Adding to the problem is the rush to support remote working…

That’s why we here at DataComm always take the same approach when discussing technology advancements with a local businesses, especially with phone system solutions:

  • Getting team members from all levels of the organization involved in the conversation on what is really needed in terms of features and functionality. With our multiple solutions, we are never going to “fit” you in something because it’s all we have to offer.
  • Evaluating your existing network and setup to make sure it’s prepared for the new phone system and you’re not trying to force legacy tech to do something it’s NOT prepared to do.
  • Having strategies to better integrate with your remote workforce including call reporting, seamless integration for people working in the office or working from home and the ability for mobile applications that allow for calls from anywhere.
  • Coming up with creative solutions around those unavoidable technology speed bumps like cabling issues of the building (sometimes a hybrid setup of a mixture of analog phones and IP phones can help reduce the cabling or investing in wireless access points can allow for IP phones with built-in WIFI that will save you from some of the more laborious cabling costs.)

We don’t only help with phones and networks, either. We also handle a very simple-to-install spam and virus filtering software that can be applied on servers, computers and laptops that are connecting to your company’s network. Even if it’s an employee’s personal computer. This guarantees the safety and security of things and the software just monitors and adjusts in the background, oftentimes handling advanced cybersecurity measures without the person even realizing. 

Being a white glove service organization, DataComm prides itself on making sure to understand the needs of our clients, so we can implement the right solution that allows a business to thrive and grow while making it a seamless transition for the staff. 

Email us at or call 262-784-2311 for more information on how we can come up with innovative solutions so you never experience CovIT, today!