CyberLynk Announces Strategic Acquisition of Datacomm Plus, LLC

Acquisition Enhances CyberLynk’s Fully Managed Phone System Service Offering

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 1st 2020 – CyberLynk Network LLC (“CyberLynk” or the company), a datacenter and hosted application company operating multiple brands has acquired Milwaukee-based Datacomm Plus. CyberLynk was started in 1995 and continues its rapid growth operating two datacenters (Milwaukee and Phoenix) while being that one stop provider for all your Internet and hosting related needs from domain name renewals, website & email hosting, spam & virus filtering, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated servers, colocation, Offsite Backups, IT Consulting, Unmanaged & Managed Phone Systems and much more.

DataComm Plus was founded in 1981 by brothers and former high school science teachers Bob and Tom Sodemann. Datacomm has grown to incorporate not only phone systems, but solutions for web, security, healthcare, education, banking and much more. In August 2020, CyberLynk acquired Datacomm to further expand the reach and depth into the fully managed phone system marketplace. Datacomm’s go to market strategy brings a wealth of experience from sales, installation, tech support and training to CyberLynk and its family of companies.

When Datacomm began, they saw a need arising from the telecommunications industry, which was on the cusp of a revolution after the break-up of the AT&T monopoly. They answered that need with Phones Plus, Inc. and later rebranded into Datacomm Plus. Originally conceived as a business phone service and installation company offering traditional on premise wall-mounted phone systems, they adapted as the industry changed. Over time, Datacomm Plus has transitioned into offering a variety of VOIP platforms from on premise hosted solutions to completely remote hosted phone systems with a wide range of features and functionality.

It was a business model that worked, and 39 years and more than 5,000 phone systems later, Bob and Tom along with their dedicated team of sales consultants, engineers, technicians, customer advocates and office personnel have yet to stop growing. Their global approach to telecommunications ensures they’re always finding new ways to provide the best equipment and services in the industry.

“With CyberLynk completing over 26 acquisitions, this acquisition brings a wealth of experience to our team,” said Cyberlynk President Adam Hobach. “CyberLynk is growing rapidly and with Datacomm we are adding seven employees from sales, installation, tech support, scheduling, training and several trucks that are on the road installing and maintaining fully managed phone systems. Instantly CyberLynk fills open positions we have identified that were critical to support our rapid growth. Datacomm customers benefit from having the full backing of CyberLynk and its technical staff, along with all of the additional hosting services they can now receive from one provider. In today’s world of cloud environments and vendors not being transparent with customers on where, who and how their hosted applications and VOIP phone system solutions operate – our hope is to provide greater visibility for customers as we grow.”

All Datacomm Plus employees will join the CyberLynk family of companies and in doing so bring immediate value to the entire company. Datacomm customers now have immediate access to additional engineering staff for their IT consulting and consolidating their vendor relationships due to complete cloud and hosted offering that CyberLynk offers.

Tom Sodemann, President of Datacomm Plus, will be joining the CyberLynk team focusing on increasing CyberLynk’s reseller market penetration and growing the company through additional acquisitions.

“With most smaller phone system integrators/dealers across the world, they are simply reselling another providers’ services through a white label partnership or acting as an affiliate and receiving commissions on a monthly,” Tom Sodemann, President of DataComm Plus, noted. “The traditional wall-mounted phone system market is dying and companies like Datacomm Plus are slow to make the transition to the various hosted phone system platforms. Your company needs to be constantly evolving with technology, otherwise your company will fail. This acquisition ensures Datacomm will live on for years to come. This model also gives hope to all of the other companies operating today that are operating like Datacomm. The integrators and dealers now have a road map for converting to hosted phone systems, building their business on MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and then selling their business when the time is right… I looked forward to the opportunity to introduce CyberLynk to every traditional integrator and dealer I have met over the past 39 years.”

Customers will continue to receive the same services, agreement terms and points of contacts. In the coming months, customers will be contacted by their account reps via email and phone announcing additional sales, support, and billing options along with additional hosting and related IT consulting services that will be offered.