Datacomm Plus Value Proposition

DataComm continually takes a magnifying glass to ourselves as an organization, to figure just exactly what makes us different from our competitors. All of the items in the grid above differentiate us from so many smaller phone system companies in Wisconsin all the way up to the giant global-wide box phone systems.

But it’s not just those, it’s also how we handle figuring out exactly what your business needs are and taking out all risk for a project update such as this to guarantee a smooth change and continued partnership for years to come. 

We provide a service that truly makes us long-standing partners with organizations that work with us and we have the ability to grow and work with businesses, even when their initial needs end up changing. As a long-term benefit, when you purchase a fully-managed phone system from DataComm, you are really investing in a partnership. If you have a problem, as a full service local provider with our expertise is only a phone call and truck roll away. 

Here at DataComm we provide all of the elements that the big-box brands and the small local agents fall flat on. Our local presence allows for us to help in real-time and have someone come to your site if necessary. The in-house technical expertise means we’re not having to call someone else to help troubleshoot your problem. We host comprehensive training that provides all of your end users with the confidence and calm needed during a technology transition. We own the infrastructure we host all of our systems on. This is a big one. 

It makes us very different from most of the competitors in the local market. We actually own the datacenter your software runs on. Many other providers are merely “agents” to a larger provider and are at the mercy of where those data centers are located and who they are operated by. Our data center is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (MKE1) and is wired right into the Internet backbone with BGP routing and multiple bandwidth providers, ensuring the fastest possible connection speeds for all our customers. It is classified as a tier 2 / 3 datacenter because it features state-of-the art power backups, cooling and multiple Internet connections that are just a few of the redundant systems in place to ensure your phone system is never offline. We also have a secondary datacenter located in Phoenix, Arizona (PHX1).

Many businesses are making the much needed decision to switch from traditional hardware-based phone systems to VOIP systems. The technology isn’t going anywhere and has become a complete necessity for a successful business. This is either because the old hardware based phone system is obsolete or nearly impossible to find and support, the analog lines you have connected to the phone system won’t be working anymore or because features you need NOW just can’t be done with what you’ve got.

We understand that a big change like that can be intimidating, especially those organizations that do not have a dedicated IT team or director on staff. It also raises a lot of questions:

  • Which solution should I use (hardware and software)?
  • How/Who will set it up and maintain it?
  • Will it be reliable?
  • Will my existing network infrastructure support it?

The list goes on and these are all valuable questions. At DataComm we possess the expertise, resources and options to answer these questions and set you up for success. While we do provide other services, supporting both the transition and use of VOIP systems is our specialty. 

What we have found is that even if our clients have a tremendous IT support staff, because they are pulled in many different directions, acquiring the knowledge to navigate this specific decision and finding the right partner to manage things can cause just enough friction to delay this valuable move.

At DataComm, we take the risk out of this transition and we remove that friction. If you have an internal IT resource we work hand in hand with them, and if not, we can actually fill that role for you.

We always start our process by seeking to understand your needs. From there, because we offer more than one solution, we present to you the best solution to meet your needs today. We don’t want you to pay for more than what you need. Once we’ve determined what solution is best, we can then assess your infrastructure to ensure that your network can properly support a VOIP solution that requires Quality of Service (QoS). The good news is that, since we are a full service provider, if we find issues that need to be addressed, we can fix it for you!

From that point on, DataComm can handle the installation, switchover and training allowing your team to focus on their core jobs and getting your business up and running ASAP.

  • Need tweaks and changes to your system along the way after it’s in? We’re here to help.
  • Have a troubleshooting issue that actually requires wheels on the ground to come to your site? We do that too. 
  • Have some new team members that require group training to understand how things work? We’ve got you covered.
  • Need advice on how other IT-based solutions will need to be able to easily integrate with your network and setup? We’re on it.

Again, because we have a full portfolio of solutions, all you need to do is call and we can start the assessment process ensuring that your DataComm fully managed phone system can grow with your business and we can provide other IT expertise when and if you need it. Contact us today at or call 262-784-2311.