Dental Office Phone Systems

DataComm Plus is a full service provider that has multiple phone and network solution offerings so we can help as a trusted resource to bring your organization with a technology solution and imperative safety features that will meet all of your needs while you continue to grow. 

We don’t want you to pay for more than what you need, while still maintaining cybersecurity and the ability to get new features when you need them or upgrade down the road while still using the same phones. 

Although all different, at the core of each dental office, there are always a few items in common:

  1. You’re an essential business that has to conduct appointments at your office.
  2. You need to be strategic in what you purchase and how to simplify if you have one or multiple offices.
  3. Your team wears multiple hats and oftentimes needs an expert technology vendor you can trust who can come in to make sure “everything just plain works.”
  4. Many dentist offices still have antiquated systems including analog phone lines which are obsolete and are getting the news that their current phone line provider will give an abrupt expensive change with little to no notice to you. We have even had some clients inform us that the providers just tell them they can no longer support the lines and there is a ticking timeline from when your phone numbers will just stop working. 

A lot of offices do not consider that they can actually save money when condensing down all of their phone lines across multiple locations. With old phone systems, you needed a main line and multiple “hunt lines” or additional phone numbers that allowed you to take more than one call from your main line (that everyone knows and is advertised) at a time. 

If you have staff members that move around across your multiple sites, there’s also a way with VoIP systems to allow them to have one extension on the system and they can use a softphone or mobile app so they can take calls wherever they are located for that day. It also saves on duplicate extensions and phones at multiple buildings where it doesn’t make sense.

In a hosted VoIP solution, we fit you with the amount of call paths (or SIP trunks) that you need across all of your locations at one time. It simplifies your setup, cuts down on excess and helps save you money and headaches of people calling back “hunt line” numbers by accident. 

Not only can DataComm guide and help you navigate these obsolete services, but as a long-term benefit when going with one of our solutions, you are really investing in a partnership. If you have a problem, a full-service local provider with our expertise is only a phone call and truck roll away. 

Contact DataComm today at or call 262-784-2311.