Future-Proofing your Phone System

Need new features? We’ve got you covered

Datacomm does something no other phone system provider will do – you will always have the flexibility to switch between our wide range of VoIP solutions which never leaves you missing out on the latest and greatest feature set.

Not only do we make it our goal to set you up with the right system based off of your needs and features you want to utilize now, but we have the ability to change to a different VoIP system down the road if those needs and features ever change or grow. We don’t care if you need something different! We have the solution for you with our many VoIP platform options!

  1. We give you non-proprietary IP phones which make it easy for you to move from one type of VoIP system to another.
  2. We have ownership of your phone lines already which means there’s no annoying paperwork or contracts you cannot get out of.
  3. You are able to keep working with the knowledgeable and dedicated team members here at DataComm that already know your business, where things are in your building, who your staff is and how they liked to be trained.

So many vendors are “agents” which means they’re a reseller of another product which leaves the problems of:

  1. The company being the “middleman” and not being able to provide the true tech support when you need it.
  2. They earn commission from the platform which means they’ll jam you to “try to make you fit” into that solution. Some vendors only have one solution to offer.
  3. They do not own the infrastructure (unlike DataComm where we have our own datacenter where your “cloud” VoIP system is hosted.)

Again, we have a range of systems and will only put you with a VoIP solution that best fits your needs, not oversell you or try to make only one thing “work for you.” And if you want to change a year from now because you need the ability to use a softphone or get call recording setup for your sales department or get your whole setup upgraded to a call center – it’s no sweat.

We really care, we have a local staff and the money that is earned by our company gets filtered back into the local community. All of our team members reside in Southeastern Wisconsin and our roots have been and will always be Wisconsin based. Supporting locally compared to buying a VoIP system from a “big box vendor” also guarantees you better customer service and more attention to detail.

Call us at 262-784-2311 or email us at ! We’d love to help you and our Customer Advocates can meet with you virtually (COVID19) or in-person depending on your preference!