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Amber started in the VoIP space back in 2015 when the industry was starting to take on some big changes. Phone systems went from being very hardware-centric to becoming very software driven. Things were done via programming changes remotely and companies even started needing features like voicemail to email, mobile applications for cell phones and softphones that got rid of the need for a physical desk phone all together. The way phone lines work also completely changed during her time in the industry, getting rid of “Plain Old Telephone Lines” and switching to SIP Trunks that are often tied to fully hosted platforms out of our datacenter in Franklin, WI. 

By attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and growing up in Southeastern Wisconsin, she earned her “Midwest work ethic” that mixes genuine friendliness and willingness to help others, along with wanting to do whatever it takes to get the job done and done right. She has been part of the DataComm Team for almost 8 years and is a direct resource to folks for all their technology and communications needs. 

Here’s a quick Q & A to get to know Amber just a bit better and to learn about her approach to technology solutions at DataComm Plus!

Why do you like sales? I was never a good listener, until I got into sales. Sales is not about talking and vomiting up so much information that a person’s head is spinning – it’s about LISTENING to what obstacles they are facing and getting to the root of the “why” behind a problem, in order to come up with a solution on how to fix it.

What does your work space look like? I would call it an “organized mess.” I know where everything is amongst the scattered notes and documents, but someone else who would come walking in here would have no idea where to start. I have a three-screen setup, including a laptop that I bring to client sites for demos or discovery meetings. I also proudly display trophies from the company-wide chili cookoff and ugly christmas sweater contest wins.

Favorite activity outside of work? I’m a big supporter of local businesses around Milwaukee, so I particularly love checking out all of the new restaurants and bars around town when my husband Ben and I get a date night out.

What’s one of your favorite success stories? We don’t always recommend this scenario, but I was working with a very large, very old church that was going to have MAJOR issues switching to a new IP platform because of the old cabling in the building. Thankfully, we changed the approach and installed and fully managed a wireless access point solution that was stable, reliable and strong that granted them the ability to use all of their phones off the WiFi. This saved the nonprofit thousands of dollars of cost, while still getting them the solution they needed and additionally benefiting them with great WiFi for other devices on their network.

What’s one thing that most business owners should be doing, but aren’t? Reviewing their phone line and Internet bills. Many companies have all of those monthly statements being sent directly to an accounting department or a controller and oftentimes it’s the thought of “oh, we just have to automatically pay this because that’s how things just have to be and how it works.” However, the likelihood that you’re paying way too much for phone lines and some older legacy setups are also being charged far too much for the Internet is almost certain. There are better ways for those utilities that you just aren’t aware of yet!

What do you get asked the most by prospective clients? A lot of folks want to know if it’s a good fit to self manage their phone system or go with a fully managed setup through us. We discuss their technical background and how comfortable they feel with working in the administrative side of a phone system, or if they have a good supportive internal IT department or team member that will be able to run the show. It makes a really good, cost effective fit for some people with the knowledge and time to do so! And then, even if down the road that is no longer the case, switching over to a fully managed setup we handle completely is an easy transition. The best of both worlds.

What tech-related media do you follow? I have very little free time with my less-than-a-year-old twins, so I need something fast, reliable and easy to digest. Insert “Techmeme Ride Home” – the podcast is always about 15-20 minutes long and Brian always gives a great summary and highlights of all things tech in the news.

What was your first job? I worked at Martino’s hot dog stand when I was old enough to have a job. Best Chicago-style hot dogs outside of Chicago! Also, its Italian Beef sandwich was something to behold.

What do you want the readers to know? Did you know that you can go through an ENTIRE XXL diaper pail in a single day with boy/girl twins? That’s a lot of diapers!

What is your favorite nonprofit? I’m biased and a strong supporter of the nonprofit radio station that my husband, Ben, works at – 88nine (Radio Milwaukee). The station is focused on music discovery. It was one of the first stations in the country to play Alabama Shakes! It also focuses on community building and uncovering local artists.

What is your favorite personal tech-gadget? I am often holding one or two babies at any given time, so my best friend has to be my Kasa smart light solution, set up for my cell phone and integrated with my multiple Alexas. Being able to turn on one light or groups of lights with little to no effort is really coming in handy.

What I like most about working with customers is… learning about their industries! I always say that our customers are the experts in what THEY do, whether that’s manufacturing, being a lawyer, working with animals or running a bowling alley. We have customers in every possible field and it’s so interesting to learn about the inner workings of how these places run. They’re the experts at what they do, we’re the experts at what we do in communications and tech, and we love helping them with that slice of their organization. 

Favorite quote? “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into Amber’s world. Anytime that you are thinking about any technology for your business or if you want to know if something is possible, just reach out to her! She always wants to answer all of your questions and discuss things thoroughly, so there is no stone left unturned and we always get to the root of the problem. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, but Amber will help you discover what makes the most sense for your organization’s future and growth.