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You could say that Heather has been in the Data and Voice Industry since the day she was born. Her father started Phone Plus back in the 80s which was recently acquired by CyberLynk in 2020. Her first official day on the job was while she was in middle school assisting with office duties and being a receptionist. Transitioning out of the receptionist role, she took the lead of starting to make cold calls to assist with appointment setting and sales. After graduating from high school, she went on to UW-Stout where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management.

This area of study was easily decided as she has a passion for customer service, travel and yes, even sales! Also, from a young age, she swam competitively throughout high school. Stout did not have a swim team, so she applied to work as a swim coach for the local club team. She got the job on the spot since she was the only one that came to the interview in a full business suit with resume in hand. During college and after graduation, she worked in the hospitality industry. After a few years there, she decided she was up for a new challenge and got her real estate license. Although successful, it ended up not being what she wanted to do long term. The experience was invaluable however, as in her personal life she has completed two home remodels, one home build and is currently working on a complete remodel of her family’s dream home, a 120-year-old house in Williams Bay, WI.

However, MKE was calling her home. As she started to apply for jobs, of course her dad lured her back in and she started as a Sales Executive at Phones Plus. Not sure if it would be a long-term career, fast forward to 16 years later and Heather is a current key team member of the Cyberlynk family of Technology companies. She enjoys the technology industry because it can be confusing to many with all its crazy acronyms and the fast pace at which it changes. Assisting her clients and helping them understand is why she loves what she does. Sales is simply assisting people through hard decisions and being there along the way to make it easier for your clients. If she does not have the right solution, she will tell you so and then point you in the right direction of someone who does have what you need. Giving more than you take in life is her motto.

Through all the positions she has held, a few things remain constant:

  • Treat others the way that they want to be treated.
  • Step into the shoes of your clients and make recommendations as if it were your business and your dollars being spent. 
  • Look at it as a partnership and take a global approach to whatever task is at hand.

Heather is married to her best friend Frost and is a proud boy mom. She is a sucker for romantic comedies and enjoys the guilty pleasure of Hallmark specials at Christmas time. She loves to travel and her favorite city that she has visited is Lindau, a town on Lake Constance in Bavaria, Germany. It is absolutely beautiful! She is an avid boater and loves the water and any water-related sports. Since the pandemic, she has taken up Pilates and is in the process of becoming a certified Pilates instructor.

All of us also have an organization that is near and dear to our hearts. For Heather, that is the Ronald McDonald House. Its mission is to keep families together and promote the health and well-being of children. It provides a loving, safe place for families to stay while their child receives medical care at no charge! She is actively involved in its many events throughout the year. Whether it is securing items for a silent auction or dropping off donations, she is there. So much so that even her 6-year-old son will not throw away a soda can top or pass one on the sidewalk without picking it up so that they can put it in their little house (one way Ronald McDonald raises funds) so the nonprofit can turn them into dollars for its mission.

When you work with Heather, you truly feel like you are part of the DataComm family and your best interest is in mind. Anytime that you are thinking about any technology for your business or if you want to know if something is possible, call, email or schedule a time via her scheduling link. She is a super connector and will make sure that whatever your technology needs are, that you will be taken care of and given the white-glove treatment.