From Luxury to Necessity – Remote Workers and VOIP solutions

For years, the ability to connect with your office and work remotely from home has been considered a luxury amongst businesses. Now, with the current global pandemic and the need to separate your team members both for their own safety as well as your organization’s vitality and operation, it’s left many business owners asking “but how?”

The solution comes down to VOIP-based phone systems that can control every aspect of inbound and outbound calling from your business, no matter where your employees are that make or take the call. Some businesses may already possess a version of this that would allow for its team to work remotely, but lack the true understanding of the technology, leaving them trapped in the office.

For those companies with older phone system cabinets that just can’t do it, a VOIP solution would allow your staff to start working remotely and do any of the following:

  1. Use a physical desk IP phone from home
  2. Have a softphone on their computers paired with the laptop microphone or headset
  3. Download a mobile application onto their cell phones from the app store
  4. Host virtual web-and-video-based conference calls with people from inside and outside of your organization

This flexibility truly allows for your team to work from “anywhere,” while still providing the same great customer service that your customers are used to. Also, inter-office collaboration won’t fall by the wayside as your coworkers are just a call, IM chat or video conference click away.

Points to remember when reviewing the concept of remote workers is the connectivity and network of both your office building as well as his or her at-home setup. Reviewing IP address information, Internet bandwidth speeds and hardware (routers, etc.) at both locations are all important steps when reviewing what solution is best for your business.

More advanced VOIP solutions also come with reporting software that allows management to review on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis the call volumes for departments or even individual people.

We also realize that some of your team members might be unable to work from home given their specific job necessities. A VOIP system that can seamlessly be setup within your work space (mixture of desk phones, cordless phones and integration with your building’s paging system, etc.) in addition to remote home offices grants you real control of the situation. It also gives the added bonus to have everyone operating under the same platform, interconnectivity, removing personal cell phones for work calls and having your internal IT staff or someone here at DataComm to help manage everything.

Remote working trends will be the way of the future and will allow businesses a vast new talent pool, more overall productivity from the team and flexible schedules for a better work-life balance and enhanced company culture.

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