Check out our new website!

We here at DataComm are proud to present our new and improved website. The main points are to make it 1) a simplistic style that’s easy to use 2) easy to navigate to our portal so we can help you 3) remind you of the fact we do things other than just “phones.”

So many of our clients still remember us as “Phones Plus” from the early 80s. Although you still see the same familiar faces here and although you may still have your phone system from way back then (which, by the way, we need to talk…) we often have clients forget about everything else we can help you with as “DataComm Plus.”

Being your “one stop shop” or “one back to pat” gives you the expertise and familiarity to help you handle everything that helps you communicate internally and with the outside world. Our IT services have grown exponentially.

Did you know we can manage your website/your email server?

Did you know we can host your sever or provide backup of your server in our datacenter?

Did you know we provide expertise in cybersecurity and spam/virus filtering?

We’ve seen it all – an IT company that doesn’t get back to you as quickly as you need, your trusty reliable one-man-IT-show that’s on the verge of retirement, the situation where you can no longer maintain the full-time cost of keeping an IT Director on your staff.

We are here and ready to fill those shoes.

What you should already know (but just incase you don’t) is that we have had and continue to pioneer a whole slew of VOIP phone systems solutions that are completely customizable and can be fully managed by us, hosted out of your own server space or paired on site with our SIP trunks (those virtual phone lines over the Internet.)

Call us today to see how we can better help serve, support and partner with you.