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What are SIP Trunks?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and the word “trunk” in VOIP (voice over ip) world refers to a link that can connect multiple parties to one another at the same time. When used together, SIP trunking refers to the way the new, digital version of voice calling technology establishes a connection with the other end.

Before SIP became a popular and reliable method of transmitting voice signals, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) carried all telephone calls. The PSTN is the network that has those copper phone lines we traditionally associate with the “telephone.” The PSTN is a circuit-switched network, which requires a physical connection between two points to complete a call. Analog phone lines and PRI’s were common terminology used before VOIP.

SIP trunks are basically virtual phone lines that enable users to make and receive phone calls over the internet to anyone in the world with a phone number.

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SIP Trunking services include

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    Remote Offices with Local Numbers

    SIP trunking services give you the ability to offer businesses the ability to have employees work from virtually anywhere in the world and still have a local DID where their business is headquartered.

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    With SIP trunking your customers can contact their local 911 service as each DID can be automatically routed to the local emergency center associated with the physical address registered to their account.

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    Multiple DID Options

    With SIP trunking you are able to have local DIDs for each area you do business in giving you a local presence without a physical office in the area. Have existing phone numbers? No problem. We can port those numbers to your new fully managed phone system.

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    Toll-Free Numbers

    In addition to having local DIDs, SIP Trunking also supports 800 and other toll free numbers allowing local numbers to paired with toll free numbers.

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    Caller ID

    SIP trunking services provide your customers with customizable inbound and outbound Caller ID functionality, allowing you to customize the name that is shown to your customers.

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    SIP trunking allows you to easily grow your business without the need for additional hardware or physical lines to be run to an office.

Hosting Packages

SIP Trunking Solutions - No costly surprises

Per Minute / Usage Based

$ /month
  • Features:
  • Local per minute
  • Toll-Free per minute
  • e911
  • DID

Per Trunk / Channel

$$ /month
  • Features:
  • Included Local Minutes
  • Included Toll-Free Minutes
  • e911
  • DID

Unlimited Usage

$$$ /month
  • Features:
  • Unlimited Local Usage
  • Toll-Free per minute
  • e911
  • DID

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