Structured Cabling


Importance of Structured Cabling

It’s important for businesses to stay active at all times, whether it’s within their company or with their customers. Network connections play a large role in generating sales and maintaining quality customer service; even a few minutes of system downtime could lead to irate customers, lost data, and financial losses. This is why businesses must invest in a service that enables them to stay live no matter what dilemmas they encounter.

All of these issues can be resolved by investing in one thing: Structured Cabling. Many businesses worldwide have migrated to this setup and have expressed their satisfaction over its performance. Here’s why.

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured Cabling, also known as Network Cabling, combines smaller elements to form a telecommunication cabling infrastructure. This enables all individuals in a certain place, no matter how big or small, to gain access to their network or the internet through cables. Many find Network Cabling to be efficient and convenient because it centralizes connection through several devices in the area, but is placed in one main location for easy access and maintenance.

At DataComm Plus, we offer fully scalable Structured Cabling services. Our network speed goes up to 10Gbps, ensuring a fast and hassle-free connection at all times. Whether it’s for a large building or a single cubicle in your workplace, we’re happy to provide for your needs.

Don’t Settle for Less

You shouldn’t have to compromise performance for a better price, nor should you pay ridiculous prices just to get the bare minimum. We’ve got all of your needs covered for an affordable price. All necessary equipment is included in our services. From cable runs, patch panels, and patch cables to wall or floor mount racks, we have it all.

Datacomm Plus is a notable name in the tech industry with over 30 years of experience and 100% end-user satisfaction. Rest assured that we have chosen highly trained and certified personnel to attend to our clients’ needs. Work with us today to experience smooth and honest transactions that will help your business grow. For any issues or concerns, we are always ready to assist you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our Service Desk, available 24/7.

Our Structured Cabling services will help you succeed. Let’s get started


Comprehensive Structured Cabling services include

  • router-1807_67aa302b-3a94-46a7-aa3d-66b8928a87d7

    Wifi Wiring

    If your wireless access point is still stuck in your IT closet and not providing coverage to your office our engineers can help. All of the wireless solutions we provide are wired to specific locations within your office and warehouse to ensure maximum coverage.

  • telephone-operator-4682_c9489618-836b-47ec-8489-e15f613cb10c

    Office Cabling

    Whether you need a single network cable or a whole office wired to meet your networking needs our team can help you. Simple changes to your office layout should not be painful. Our engineers can handle one or more cabling runs within a few hours to facilitate your expansion needs.

  • computer-network-1878_39828809-88f9-48e1-9a76-61c99401ec99

    1Gbps/10Gbps Connectivity

    Whether running mission-critical applications or supporting business processes all of your devices will be connected via CAT5e, CAT6 or CAT6A depending on your networking needs. Never again worry spotty or intermittent network and Internet access.

  • settings-server-1872_2e41baf2-8789-4215-b430-db35c3899936

    Cable Management

    Tired of the cable mess? Not sure what cable is what? Datacomm engineers can clean up your IT closet and racking to ensure everything not only looks nice but is operating correctly.

  • source-code-1754_2b435bd8-ce76-4910-8137-7d07a3557fa3

    Jack & Cable Labeling

    Our team of engineers will make sure all of your wall plates and patch panels are labeled and tested to avoid confusion. The labeling of equipment and cabling is a standard practice to minimize issues down the road.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6

    Speaker & Paging Install

    Not sure how you will install the wiring for your new speakers for your paging system? Whether the wiring is in your office or warehouse our engineers can solve you problems. Scissor lifts or ladders are all part of our solutions to accomplish your wiring needs.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Boosts Productivity

    We understand how annoying it can be to lose connection when you’re attending to important matters. Our Network Cabling services can guarantee that you never miss out on any opportunities or important transactions due to disconnection issues. We can work with all features you’ve grown accustomed to and take their performance to the next level by boosting its speed.

    With speeds up to 10Gbps it convenient setup paves the way for maximum productivity. The connection is swift and effective, allowing all users to get more things done in less time. Systems and applications will be able to perform at an optimal rate, securing smooth transactions and reducing issues throughout the entire network.

  • Cleanliness and Organization

    Another important factor in maintaining every workplace is cleanliness. Other setups require several cables and connections, which can make the space look messy and cluttered. Having cables lying around the floor can also be a hazard since they are easy to trip over and step on. Once this happens, it could even result in system downtime because of cables being disconnected or broken.

    Structured Cabling makes use of an organized system, wherein all connections come back to one specific area. This minimizes the need for so many wires and cables, making it neater and safer.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

    We do our best to assure our clients that we will have no problems with their connections. However, in the instance that they do encounter some issues, the Structured Cabling setup allows easier repairs because of its centralized location. Compared to having several connections scattered around the area, it’s easier to identify where the problem lies when you have all connections leading to one place.

    This makes monitoring and routine checks easier as well. You won’t have to go around checking each area one by one. Installation is seamless as well; there is less confusion about where wires are meant to go and what they are for. Rest assured that we know how everything works, down to the last detail. We can set up your Network cabling quickly with no issues.

  • Flexible and Cost-Efficient

    Network Cabling’s structure allows it more flexibility in making upgrades. It can adapt to new changes quickly, whether it is with equipment or location. This reduces the time needed for set-up and adjustment, letting users regain their access to the connection with minimal downtime during the process.

    It is also possible to reconfigure your equipment without changing or moving many things around. Oftentimes, these kinds of changes can be quite expensive due to the additional materials you have to purchase. Most of the time, Structured Cabling only requires you to work with what you already have, which effectively cuts down costs in that area.

  • Effortless Support

    Businesses rely on their network connections for many things, such as 24/7 live chat support applications or video conferences with long-distance partners or clients. Depending on the nature of the job, the network connection may need to support various types of applications and systems simultaneously.

    Structured Cabling is highly efficient. Rest assured that it can handle our clients’ workloads with ease, maximizing efficiency even during the busiest days. It ensures that connections are fast and convenient anytime and anywhere in the workplace.

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Let’s get started

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    Phone System Solutions

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    Security Compliance

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    Managed Networking

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    Managed IT Consulting

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