Success Stories

CASE STUDY: Johnson Sand and Gravel

Multi-Location Business Standardized, Secured Network and Rids of Unnecessary IT Headaches


Johnson Sand and Gravel is not your typical multi-site brick and mortar type of business. They are in the crushed stone, sand, and gravel industry. Some would refer to them as a gravel pit. All their locations need to be located by the products that they sell so their locations are more rural than most. Even though their locations may be remote, their IT needs are no different to any other business. In fact, since each of their locations are remote, having a reliable network set up is extremely important. As trucks leave the locations they need to be weighed and everything needs to be documented. Most of the time there is only one or a few people there when loading the trucks with materials.

For many years Johnson Sand and Gravel worked with their “IT Guy” to assist them with network infrastructure set up and ongoing support. As time went by these setups became more and more important to their business operations and they needed to find a company, not a single person, to trust with their network and its security.


After reviewing the current set up and hardware that was in place, it was determined that a server migration needed to take place to get their day-to-day business applications that they rely on running as they should and needed to. DataComm Plus needed to resolve performance and stability issues with Quickbooks, while improving manageability, performance, and security of the Johnson Sand & Gravel network and data infrastructure.

Working with the Johnson Sand and Gravel team we came up with a phased-in approach to allow them to keep business running as usual as much as possible during this much needed transition. We provided a detailed customer project overview guideline so that their team knew what to expect and when there would be down time to be able to plan accordingly.

“No more waiting for our IT questions or needs to be addressed. DataComm Plus proactively handles our needs and if we have a question, they are simply a call away. Any of their certified engineers can assist as we need.” Alyssa Bierbower


  • Single Point of Contact – One Business Partner for Voice and Data – Took away any finger pointing as to whose issue it was
  • Pro-active support – Always up to date on security patches and versions – 24/7/365 support – Not having to wait for support
  • Documentation and Standardization – Detailed documentation with how the network is set up – maintained and kept up to date


DataComm Plus provided Johnson Sand and Gravel with a network overhaul to get them on current supported hardware. We added remote backups so that all their important information was not solely stored locally but also in the cloud for built-in redundancy should something happen. We took care of all their antivirus concerns by consistently updating their malware protection, frequently performing check-ups and scanning their platforms and devices for suspicious activity through our state-of-the-art Virus and Malware protection software. Johnson Sand and Gravel now has the DataComm Plus Team to support them and not one “IT Guy”.