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Meet Heather Williams

Schedule a Call: sales@datacommplus.comPhone: 262-784-2311 press the options for Sales You could say that Heather has been in the Data and Voice Industry since t...


Meet Amber Koenigs

Schedule a Call: sales@datacommplus.comPhone: 262-784-2311 press the options for Sales Amber started in the VoIP space back in 2015 when the industry was starting t...


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We here at DataComm are proud to present our new and improved website. The main points are to make it 1) a simplistic style that’s easy to use 2) easy to navigate to our portal so we can help you 3) remind you ...

Success Stories

CASE STUDY: Johnson Sand and Gravel

Multi-Location Business Standardized, Secured Network and Rids of Unnecessary IT Headaches Challenge Johnson Sand and Gravel is not your typical multi-site brick and mortar type of business. They ar...


New Office Phone System Checklist

Most organizations, at some time in their existence, have to think about relocating. There could be a lot of reasons to move your business office, including that a better option has become available, or your co...


Replace that Obsolete Phone System Today!

People are familiar with the term a fable — a short story that gives advice and provides knowledge for lessons to live by. This DataComm fable centers around a popular, delicious, and well-known kringle connois...


How Much Bandwidth Does VoIP use?

Switching to a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system allows a company or organization to enjoy its numerous advantages. VoIP can help a business save money, offers a wealth of modern features, enable...


Are You Experiencing CovIT?

Everyone’s been talking about it, but no one knows exactly what to call it … your business is trying to jump light speeds ahead with its technology in certain aspects, but the existing setup is bogging things d...


Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Nonprofits

In recent years, the number of nonprofit organizations that have remote staff has increased dramatically. This is due, in part, to advances in technology that have made it easier for people to work from anywher...